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ATLANTA, GA (November 2009) -  Traffic Surveying Consultants for the City of Sandy Springs and the City of Dunwoody, Traffic Data Collection Inc., has been implementing new

digital video traffic survey equipment manufactured by EYRE Traffic Technologies to record peak hour traffic turning movements at intersections within the city limits.

Brad Eyre president and CEO of Traffic Data Collection/EYRE Traffic says, “We are able to more efficiently collect and process traffic survey information used by the cities for signal timing and upgrades at local intersections.  The video can be post-processed by software or manually using technicians with electronic count boards and we are able to provide short video clips of the data during the peaks for a better understanding of exactly what traffic conditions exist there.”

EYRE Traffic Technologies is currently developing new state of the art survey equipment and software for traffic signal synchronization, optimization and analysis which they expect to be able to bring to the traffic and transportation market mid to late in 2010.



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